December 4, 2019

boost brand awareness with engaging social media strategies.


Thanks to ever-changing social media algorithms, it’s harder than ever for brands to reach consumers with organic strategies alone. You need a partner who can help you design an integrated social media plan to not only reach your consumers but engage them with authentic, meaningful content.

We’ve got you covered.

Sophie Brady, Social Media Manager at dig, works with clients connect their brand to their audience in a real, human way that nurtures the sense of community social media is all about.

Too often social media is considered a free marketing opportunity for brands. The fact is, to do social media well takes some investment in both time and resources. You deserve an agency partner that can help you create a plan, curate engaging content, design fresh, dynamic visuals that get your audience to stop scrolling in their feed, and consider both paid and organic opportunities to boost awareness.

the opportunity.

Your audience is on social media. And with the right strategy, it can be an effective way to get in front of the very people you're trying to reach. 

  • Ad spending on social media is expected to reach $18.4B1
  • Social media is the best advertising channel for 50% of Genz Z and 42% of millennials1
  • Graphics, images and produced videos are the preferred visual content types for 58% of consumers1

With 45%2 of the world’s total population using social media today, there's clearly plenty of opportunity for brands to meet their consumers where they are. The trick is designing an integrated, thoughtful approach to reach your audience, boost brand awareness and encourage engagement.

We're ready to help.

“Social media is a place people go to feel a sense of community, to consume relatable content, and to be entertained. It's my goal to create and implement a strategy that can fulfill all of those needs and tell your story in a unique and memorable way.”—Sophie Brady, Social Media Manager at dig