October 22, 2019

building a better agency model with nate smith, dig founder + coo.


The challenges you face today require a better way of thinking. You want an agency partner that comes alongside you and listens — really listens — to your needs and delivers bottom-line results you expect. 

Enter dig.

Nate Smith, Founder + COO, created dig to help you get more from your marketing and technology partners. Nate's background in building technology solutions, project management and nurturing lasting client relationships means he has the expertise and strategic vision to help clients realize their unique brand value and connect that value with target customers.  

With an intentional focus on nurturing lasting client relationships coupled with real marketing and technology chops, Nate built a better agency model for clients. Work that would normally require separate marketing and technology partners is housed under one roof at dig. That means clients not only realize monetary efficiencies, but they get end-to-end marketing and technology strategies that deliver real results.  

Building a better agency model for clients isn't the only impressive accolade on Nate's expanding list of accomplishments. 

As a business owner, 40 Under 40 honoree and triathlete, Nate is certainly a busy, well-accomplished professional. Outside of work and triathlons, he enjoys traveling, hiking and last, but certainly not least, spending time with his wife and dog. 

"Clients deserve more from agency partners. I've been on both sides of the agency model — as a client and as a consultant — before I formed dig. I've experienced firsthand how few agencies are capable of bridging the gap between marketing and technology in a valuable way for clients. That's one of the core elements of dig. The other is that we believe passionately in building lasting relationships with our clients. We're as invested in their success as they are. And we really mean it. Being able to do the work clients deserve is one thing, but when you pair that with an authentic desire to be an extension of the client team, therein lies the power of dig."

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