December 2, 2019

designing marketing campaigns that cut through the noise.


10,000 advertisements per day.

That’s the staggering number of messages your consumers are bombarded with every. single. day. Given the fragmented micro-moments you have to capture your audience’s attention, you need marketing strategies that are on point and cut through the noise.

We can help you with that.

Erin Haines, Integrated Marketing Director at dig, helps clients design focused, intentional marketing solutions to reach consumers with tactics that work. Because the fact is, when done well, marketing campaigns are still a highly effective way to reach your consumers.

So what, exactly, does doing a marketing campaign well mean?

At dig, we take the time upfront to get to know you, your business goals and all of your current marketing activities. Then we partner with you to design strategies that connect your individual marketing tactics into one cohesive campaign to amplify your existing efforts and boost brand awareness.

The result?

You get a measurable marketing strategy that ties to bottom-line business goals. Your consumers get a consistent, effortless experience with your brand.

We’re ready to help you design marketing campaigns that reach your audience in a real, relevant way. Let’s get started today!

“I'm a very curious person by nature. That trait comes in very handy when I work with clients and partners to try to better understand current business goals, existing marketing efforts and desired business objectives from marketing strategies. I love puzzling together real business needs with integrated marketing solutions to deliver bottom-line results.” — Erin Haines, Integrated Marketing Director at dig