March 6, 2020

February Favorites

Even though February was short we wanted to share a few things we stumbled across in the past month we think you should know about.

How to find the best CPA or tax accountant near you.

With tax season upon us, we know it can be a hectic time for both individuals and businesses. Here's a round up of solid tips and recommendations to make your tax filing easier on you this year. 

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All of the ways to get involved with Kid's Food Basket.

For our team service project in February we put together trail mix snack bags to go in the lunches prepared by Kid's Food Basket for kids in our West Michigan community. Finding ways to get involved with and give back to our community each month has been a fun way to spend time together as a team outside of the office. Here are some of the other ways to get involved with this awesome organization!

Microsoft Paint has made its grand re-entrance in 2020.

Take a 10 minute brain break and unleash your inner 90s artist here. Bonus points if you share your creations with us on Facebook.