November 19, 2019

how to design effortless customer experiences.


Every interaction with your brand should be effortless. Effortless interactions mean delighted customers — and you want happy customers. But you’re not sure where to start. 

We can help. 

Kate Geschwendt, Experience + Strategy Director, works with you to craft thoughtful, delightful customer interactions. She is passionate about solving business challenges with people-first solutions. Her background in user experience means she is ready to help you create experiences that matter. 

"Customers are the core of your business. Advocating for their needs matters. It's my responsibility to connect your customers to your business by crafting a thoughtful and useful end-to-end experience." 

Thoughtful customer engagements start with a customer-first mindset. We take an unbiased approach to understand, map and align your business around the customer journey. It’s important to take the time upfront to understand the user’s wants, needs and motivations so we can create the right action plan for their unique needs. 

Then, we turn our knowledge into action. We’ll help you plan, design, develop and test interactions that create meaningful, authentic moments for customers along their journey. Our goal is to eliminate hurdles and frustration from the experience. It may sound complicated, but we promise we’ll make it easy to understand. 

The result of this work is an integrated, effortless and authentic customer experience. But that’s just the beginning. Customer needs are ever-changing and so is the technology you use to reach them. We work with you to continuously optimize your interactions to stay relevant by evaluating, testing and optimizing the experience. 

The simple fact: Happy customers mean a happy bottom line.

Let’s get started designing customer experiences that matter.