November 25, 2019

telling better stories starts with building better relationships.


Your brand story is unique. You deserve an agency partner that's as invested in your story as you are — and one that can help you tell that story in a meaningful, human way. 

We can help you with that.

Telling better stories starts with building better relationships. 

David Schwab, Senior Account Director, manages partner relationships at dig. He’s passionate about learning what makes you unique and synthesizing your brand messages into one comprehensive story. He works with you to promote and share that story across all of your brand executions, channels and platforms to connect with your customers in a real, authentic way. 

“As a storyteller, I believe that great stories start with great relationships. As an account manager, I have found a natural fit where I get to nurture relationships and help my partners share their great stories with their consumers.”

Real relationships start with heart. 

At dig, we talk a lot about our heart. We believe it’s what sets us apart from your typical agency relationship. It’s our intentional focus on building lasting relationships with our partners that drives our passion for what we do — it’s at the core of who we are. 

Our investment in your success goes beyond dollars and cents. We don’t run a standard playbook across all of our client engagements. Instead, we focus on your specific needs and what makes your story unique and engaging to your audience. Then, we curate and share that story across all your tactics and channels. The result is a human-like interaction between your brand and your audience that leaves a lasting impression. 

Let’s start building a better story together today.