November 11, 2019

transforming the buying process with Mike Simon, dig founder + CEO.


You have bottom-line business goals you need to meet - like, now. But trying to understand your customer's constant shift in needs can be frustrating. Couple that with a seemingly endless list of software and technology solutions promising to deliver fast, effective results, and things can quickly feel overwhelming.

We're here to help. Mike Simon, Founder + CEO, formed dig to help clients navigate the evolving marketing + technology landscape. With a background in marketing and a passion for helping clients understand their customers better, Mike is leading the charge to help transform the buying process.

Transformation starts with understanding. 

Mike partners with clients to help them better understand their buyers, where they are and how to reach them with intentional inbound strategies. Then he helps navigate foundational software and technology solutions to deliver, monitor and optimize those inbound strategies. The end result is a strategic, integrated marketing + technology solution to reach your customers where they are.

Bottom line?

Mike can help you impact your bottom line with inbound strategies that deliver results you expect — and need.

"I am passionate about helping clients find thoughtful, innovative solutions that impact bottom-line revenue. My goal is to help clients better understand the customer journey to optimize the experience and transform the buying process." 

When Mike isn't busy changing the world one inbound strategy at a time, you can find him on the lake, in the woods or watching his two kids play sports. Born and raised in West Michigan, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and children boating, skiing and camping. 

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