December 16, 2019

visualize your brand experience.


Great design connects your customers to your brand. It’s part of your identity and what makes you unique and engaging.

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Courtney Wagasky, Visual Designer at dig, helps you bring your brand identity to life through beautiful, artful executions. She’s passionate about exploring new visual boundaries to help brands develop aesthetics that are both creative and engaging.

Great visual design doesn’t stop at logo development, print ad creative, social media visuals or even great website design. You need an integrated, cohesive visual identity that resonates with your audience across all channels and tactics.

Here’s why:

  • Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text.1 In a digital era where brands get milliseconds to engage their audience time is of the essence. Great visual design is one way to capture your audience’s attention in a fraction of the time it takes for them to read about your brand.
  • It takes seven touches for your audience to engage with your brand. Known as the Marketing Rule of 7, your audience has to see your message at least seven times before they start to engage with it. That means you need consistent imagery across all of your brand executions so people start to connect your brand with your story.
  • People retain 80% of what they see.1 Compared to 20% of what they read and only 10% of what they hear. So designing great visual content matters for brand recall.

At dig, we will work with you to help you bring your story to life through engaging and artful executions. Once the aesthetic is set, we’ll help you connect your visual story across all channels and tactics.

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“I’m passionate about solving day-to-day design challenges to connect customers to your brand in a visually engaging and memorable way.“ —Courtney Wagasky, Visual Designer at dig