March 23, 2020

Work from home tips

We imagine there have been some huge changes for those of you who are used to being in an office setting to all of a sudden having to work from home while we all undergo self-quarantine and social distancing. Hang in there and try implementing these tips!

1. Set up a workspace that is clean, comfortable and organized.
2. Write out a to-do list and time block your schedule accordingly. Get your high priority tasks done first.
3. Take a 10-15 minute break every hour. Have a snack, stretch, get a chore done, or go for a quick walk during that time.
4. Wake up as early as you would if you had to commute to work. Use any extra time to meditate, read, or enjoy your breakfast & coffee without doing anything else. Also, get dressed and ready for the day as if you were going to work.
5. Hide any apps on your phone that distract you. That way, when you use your phone it's for work purposes.
6. Prepare a nutrient-dense snack to keep with you at your desk to munch on. Chopped veggies with hummus or an apple with almond butter.
7. Give yourself incentive to finish your bigger tasks. "I can have a second cup of coffee but not until I finish X."
8. Plan time for movement. Whether it's a workout or going for a long walk. Make sure you have an hour of time scheduled just for that.
9. Get outside. Whether it's during your small breaks or for your hour of movement. This will help you feel less cooped up.

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